Elements of Electrical Engineering

Lesson Plan

Date Period Topics Covered
08.08.14 3 Basic Circuit Elements: Active elements, Passive elements, Resistance, Inductance, Capacitance
08.08.14 4 Energy Sources: Voltage and Current Sources, Dependent and Independent
09.08.14 5 Definitions and Units: Voltage, Current, Power and Energy
12.08.14 7 Ohm’s law: Statement and Explanation, Limitations, Sample Problems
13.08.14 7 Kirchhoff’s laws: Current law and Voltage law, Statement and Explanation, Sample Problems
19.08.14 7 Resistances in Series: Equivalent Resistance, Voltage Division Rule, Sample Problems
20.08.14 7 Resistances in Parallel: Equivalent Resistance, Current Division Rule, Sample Problems
22.08.14 3,4 Resistances in Series and Parallel: Sample Problems
23.08.14 5 Generation of AC voltage: Angular relation of a Sine wave, The Sine wave equation, 1-Phase And 3-Phase Supply, Advantages of 3-Phase Supply
26.08.14 7 Instantaneous Values of Sine Wave: Average Values of Sine Wave: Graphical Method, Analytical Method, Sample Problems
27.08.14 7 RMS Values of Sine Wave: Graphical Method, Analytical Method, Sample Problems
02.09.14 7 Frequency, Time Period
03.09.14 7 Single Phase RL  Series Circuits: Z and Y, Sample Problems
05.09.14 3,4 Single Phase RC  Series Circuits: Z and Y, Sample Problems
06.09.14, 09.09.14 5, 7 Single Phase RLC  Series Circuits: Z and Y, Sample Problems
10.09.14 7 Power and Power Factor: P, Q and S, Practical importance of power factor
12.09.14 3,4 Review: DC and AC Circuits
19.09.14 3 Faraday’s Law of Electromagnetic Induction, Fleming’s Rule, Lenz’s Law
19.09.14 4 Self and Mutual Inductances, Self-Induced emf, Mutually Induced emf, Statically Induced emf, Dynamically Induced emf
20.09.14 5 Transformers: Construction, Main Parts, Material used, Core type and Shell type, Comparison, Applications
2309.14 7 Principle of Operation: On No-load, On Load
24.09.14 7 EMF Equation, Voltage Transformation Ratio, Sample Problems
26.09.04 3,4 Regulation and Efficiency, Sample problems
30.09.14 7 Special Purpose Transformers: Current Transformer, Applications
01.10.14 7 Potential Transformer, Applications
04.10.14 5 Classification of Instruments: Indicating, Recording, Integrating
07.10.14 7 Basic Principles of Indicating Instruments: Torques in Instruments, Deflecting Torque, Controlling Torque, Damping Torque
08.10.14 7 Moving Coil Instruments: Types, Construction, Working Principle, Torque Equation, Applications
10.10.14 3,4 Moving Iron Instruments: Types, Construction, Working Principle, Torque Equation, Applications
14.10.14 7 Extension of Meter Ranges
15.10.14 7 Dynamometer Type Wattmeter, Construction, Working Principle, Torque Equation, Applications
17.10.14 3,4 Induction Type Energy Meter, Construction, Working principle, Torque equation, Errors in energy meter
18.10.14 5 Multimeter: Block diagram, Operation, Applications
21.10.14 7 Megger: Construction, Working principle, Applications
24.10.14 3,4 Electronic Energy Meter: Block diagram, Operation
28.10.14 7 Review: Transformers
29.10.14 7 Review: Measuring Instruments
05.11.14 7 Structure of Power System
07.11.14 3 Generation: Types of Power Plants
07.11.14 4 Transmission: Components, Primary Transmission, Secondary Transmission
11.11.14 7 Distribution: Classification, Primary Distribution, Secondary Distribution
12.11.14 7 Power system protection: Switchgear, Fuses, Circuit Breakers, Relays
14.11.14 3 House wiring: Wiring Materials, Wiring Accessories, Ratings
14.11.14 4 Types of Wiring: Cleat Wiring, Wooden Casing Capping, TRS Wiring, Conduit Wiring
15.11.14 5 Wiring Layout: Wiring Diagrams, Device Locations, Circuit Planning
18.11.14 7 Earthing: Earthing and its necessity, Earthing through a GI Pipe, Earthing through a Plate
19.11.14 7 Lightning Arrestor: Types and Operating Principle, Merits and Demerits
21.11.14 3,4 UPS: Online UPS, Offline UPS, Block diagram and Explanation, Applications
25.11.14, 26.11.14 7, 7 Energy Conservation: Residential Sector, Commercial Sector, Industrial Sector

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